Thursday, May 2, 2013

Message Box Viewer (MBV) Integration with BizTalk 360 v6.0

I was getting this error when trying to Run MBV from BizTalk 360.

Leaving Execute(Kovai.BizTalk360.InfoTrack.ActivitiesImpl.MBVSvc.MBVActivityImpl).
Fatal exception in generating Message Box Viewer Reports.
System.Exception: MBVActivityImpl:GenerateReport. IsReadyForMBVExecution check failed. Error EULA for MBV Console application must be accepted 

I came across this post by Steef-Jan on this topic. The below mentioned registry key that was working for Steef was already there as the machine was 64-bit in this case too


Then I manually created the below mentioned registry key as pointed by Steef


And it resolved the issue. I was able to run MBV and reports were getting generated properly.

BizTalk360 MBV
But later I found that generating only the below mentioned key also fix the same problem:


Seems BizTalk360 is looking for either one of these registry keys so create any of these two to fix this problem.

Rohit Sharma


Anonymous said...

Hi Rohit,
I have two different app server clustered .Do i need to change registry on both server .


Rohit Sharma said...

Yes you need to change on both otherwise when the passive node becomes active you will face the issue.

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