Friday, June 1, 2012

Book Review: BizTalk Server 2010 Cookbook by Steef-Jan Wiggers

I like the format of the book and Steef-Jan Wiggers has done a wonderful job of covering broad topics relevant to both the development of BizTalk solution and administration of BizTalk environment in 50+ easy to follow recipes. Enough details has been provided about the topic in each recipe but the good thing about this book is that each recipe also contain There’s more section having valuable resources to dive deeper into the topic discussed. Here is a brief overview of what has been covered in this book:

·         The book starts with the most important topic of setting up the BizTalk environment.  The newbie will like the recipe on how to use the BizTalk Benchmark Wizard to validate the Installation.

·         Second chapter the recipes covered some of the popular design patterns like splitter, aggregator, retry pattern etc.

·         Third chapter contain some useful recipes demonstrating how to instrument the BizTalk solution.

·         In fourth chapter the focus is on securing message exchange and contains some useful demonstration on how to use certificate in BizTalk for signing and encrypting/decrypting the messages.

·         Fifth chapter discuss recipes related to the WCF services and BizTalk

·         Sixth chapter starts with a recipe on installation of AppFabric Connect and then have some useful demonstration on how to connect BizTalk with cloud.

·         Seven chapter is specifically for BizTalk administration and contain some useful recipes on configuring the monitoring tools for BizTalk e.g. SCOM, BizTalk 360.

·         Eighth chapter contain recipes on how to use the Business Rule engine.

·         Last chapter focus on the unit testing of BizTalk Artifacts using the Visual Studio and Frameworks such as BizUnit, BizMock, and the BizTalk Map Test Framework

I found this book useful, this book is available on Packt and Amazon.