Monday, May 13, 2013

BizTalk360: Counter for number of required host instances for healthy environment

Just like me if you have created the host instances for all the hosts on every machine ( 2 in this example )  in BizTalk group and still wondering why you are not getting the count of host instance equal to number of host multiplied by the BizTalk server (in above case 17*2=34) then this could be the answer.

- In this example there were 3 isolated hosts; BizTalk360 was not considering the host instances for these isolated hosts as part of this count, may be because just like BizTalk the BizTalk360 does not access the status information for external processes, so the count get reduced to 28.

Still there is difference of 2.

- In this example two hosts were cluster. BizTalk360 was adding only 1 to the host instances count for each cluster host as only one instance will be active at a time.

So in nutshell this counter indicate how many host instances should be in active state to consider the environment as healthy and it's not count of  total number of host instances.

Rohit Sharma

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