Saturday, December 4, 2010

BizTalk Server Tutorial: Get BizTalk Server 2010

Charan: Rohit do you know about BizTalk server?
Rohit: Yes I do. You can also know it just click here to know what is BizTalk
Charan: From where can I get BizTalk Server and how much it would cost me?
Rohit: There is good news for you. Microsoft is providing the developer edition of BizTalk server 2010 free of cost. You can download it for your personal use from this link : Download BizTalk Server 2010 Developer Edition
Charan: I think installing and configuring BizTalk server 2010 is not so easy.
Rohit: There is a very good BizTalk Installation and configuration guide having lot of screen shots. I hope it would help you. Just download this BizTalk 2010 Installation Guide

Charan: Oh finally I am able to install and configure the BizTalk server what is next?
Rohit: It means you are ready to learn the BizTalk server. Hope the people reading this blog is also ready to learn it. We will come up with BizTalk tutorials to teach you different BizTalk features in a conversational way.

[Update]: The Virtual Machine For BizTalk Server 2010 is available here.

Rohit Sharma

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